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lunes, 20 de noviembre de 2023

Saorin: un excepcional pintor a la acuarela, por Ramón Palmeral en la revista Meer


Saorin: un excepcional pintor a la acuarela

La pintura de Saorin es un contracte que mira al pasado para denunciar los excesos o bienestar del presente

20 noviembre 2023,

El talento y la sensibilidad artística son aspectos inherentes que algunas personas poseen de forma natural y no pueden ser adquiridos mediante un proceso de aprendizaje. Al igual que la inteligencia, estas cualidades parecen estar presentes desde el inicio y no son adquiribles a través del estudio. Sin embargo, la cultura y el conocimiento sí pueden ser aprendidos y adquiridos a lo largo del tiempo por medio de lecturas, profesores o mentores-guías.

Durante mi temprana participación en exposiciones de pintura en el año 2000, Saorin se presentaba como un distante maestro de la acuarela, una figura respetada y admirada en el círculo artístico. A lo largo de los años, nuestra amistad se fortaleció, en parte gracias a nuestro mutuo conocido, Carlos Bermejo, originario como Saorin de la Región de Murcia...

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 Ramón Fernández Palmeral/Meer Magazine

 Saorin's painting is a contract that looks to the past to denounce the excesses or well-being of the present


Talent and artistic sensitivity are inherent aspects that some people possess naturally, and cannot be acquired through a learning process. Like intelligence, these qualities seem to be present from the beginning and are not acquireable through study. However, culture and knowledge can be learned and acquired over time through readings, teachers or mentor-guides.


During my early participation in painting exhibitions in 2000, Saorin presented himself as a distant master of watercolor, a respected and admired figure in the artistic circle. Over the years, our friendship grew stronger, in part thanks to our mutual acquaintance, Carlos Bermejo, originally from the Region of Murcia as Saorin.


Our mutual friendship dates back more than two decades, when we met at the Association of Alicante Artists, of which we are both members. Currently residing in the city of La Dama de Elche since 1984 where he has his studio-workshop, from which he coordinates all his artistic activity. Throughout his career, he has achieved an impressive balance of 46 painting awards both nationally and internationally. Among these 46 painting awards to his credit, the prestigious Reina Sofía Extraordinary Award at the LXXIII Madrid Autumn Salon in 2006 stands out. , as well as the inclusion of his work in the collection of the Jorge Alió Foundation of Alicante in 2014, receiving the Honor Award for the best Professional and Artistic Career, he has demonstrated time and again the durability of his talent and the transcendence of his art in the contemporary world.

In 2010, during the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of the Oriolano poet Miguel Hernández, I curated a group exhibition of thematic painting at Hipercor in the city of Elche, in which Saorin participated with his work "Viejas sickles". Later, in 2011, Saorin was the only representative of Spain in the "CARSON Prix 2011" Contest in Paris, an achievement that inspired me to produce a YouTube video documentary that showed his creation process during 8 months while drawing and painting. his large painting “Stairs to the Light” measuring 150 x 100 cm, similar to “El sol del membrillo” by the painter Antonio López.


In 2010, during the commemoration of the centenary of the birth of the Oriolano poet Miguel Hernández, I curated a group exhibition of thematic painting at Hipercor in the city of Elche, in which Saorin participated with his work "Viejas sickles". Later, in 2011, Saorin was the only representative of Spain in the "CARSON Prix 2011" Contest in Paris, an achievement that inspired me to produce a YouTube video documentary that showed his creation process during 8 months while drawing and painting. his large painting “Stairs to the Light” measuring 150 x 100 cm, similar to “El sol del membrillo” by the painter Antonio López.


In this context of identities, the artists' book Archivo de la Memoria 1982-2022 by Jesús Lozano Saorin is the compilation of 40 years of work by an exceptional watercolor painter from Jumillano that covers forty years of artistic work, from the first exhibition individual in the Exhibition Hall of the Caja de Ahorros de Alicante and Murcia in Jumilla in 1982, until participation in the "II Collective and International Watercolor Exhibition" at the Casa de Cantabria in Madrid in 2022.


It highlights the essence of his work in 40 selected full-color prints, which is based on the exploration of nostalgia and the emotional connection with the past, coming from a humble origin. Despite not having a degree in Fine Arts, Saorin has left a significant mark in the art world, evidencing exceptional skill and an undeniable commitment to his craft. His disciplined approach and constant dedication have been key in his path to success and international recognition.


Through her work, Saorin transmits a profound message that transcends mere visual representation, inviting viewers to reflect on the connection between the past and the present of “today and yesterday.” His artistic legacy continues to be an inspiration for young artists and art fans around the world in the specialty of watercolor.


Searching your truth



Memory Archive's "Scrutinizing its Truth" dives into deep reflection on art and its manipulation, providing a critical insight into the art industry and the market itself. This chapter was published in 2017 in the Gaceta de Bellas Artes of the magazine of the Association of Painters and Sculptors of Madrid, it offers a retrospective look at the history of art, prominent painters, and important museums.

Criticism of critics, gallery owners and art dealers is not evaded, nor is the current difficulty of the art market for painting and sculpture ignored, largely affected by the 21% VAT taxes, which have led to the closure of numerous galleries. The author concludes with the statement that only human beings are capable of truly appreciating art, which is meant to be felt, admired and enjoyed, providing a feast for our senses through its beauty. In his final words, he quotes the Frenchman Juan Paúl, stating that art is not daily food, but it is the wine of life.

The work closes with a detailed 32-page resume annotated by dates, with thoroughness and nominal detail of names, written by his daughter Alicia, which reflects the dedication and tireless work collecting data, with faith in himself and an unwavering attitude towards the adversities. Despite overcoming obstacles due to health issues at one point in his life, the author perseveres, remembering that, just like a bicycle that stops, if one does not continue, one risks falling. The biographical notes focus on highlighting the extraordinary uniqueness and value of the book as a collectible gem and an investment due to the author's signature.


Biographical data


Jesús Lozano Saorin was born on July 10, 1957 in the historic city of Jumilla (Murcia), as his childhood and adolescence have deeply shaped his artistic work. Being the eldest of four siblings (Fermín, Antonio and Magdalena), his father, a road laborer and later a tram driver in Alicante, had to face various financial difficulties, which required Jesús' contribution to the family work, balancing his studies with agricultural work and the distribution of milk before going to school. This experience of deprivation in his youth has impregnated his art with a unique and personal essence that, with an iron will and determination, has managed to establish itself in society. Married to his countrywoman Antonia Oliva, he has raised a family with three children and grandchildren.

From my personal experience I can affirm that I have visited his studio several times, and I must admit that I was impressed by his meticulousness, cleanliness, order and dedication to his passion for watercolor. Despite having no family background in art, his innate talent manifested itself from an early age, revealing a skill that defied his youth. I clearly remember seeing a variety of tubes of watercolors and brushes meticulously organized in his studio, reflecting his meticulous and orderly approach to his work.

His life story is an inspiring narrative of perseverance and overcoming challenges. From his origins in Jumilla, where he had to face hardships and limitations, to becoming an artistic reference in the entire region of Murcia and Alicante and other Spanish and foreign cities, his career is a testament to the power of hard work and determination in realistic art.


It is undeniable that his contribution to the art world has been significant. Not only has he left an indelible mark on the local art community, but he has also achieved national and international recognition, with exhibitions in such prestigious cities as New York, Paris and Ulm (Germany).


Beyond his technical mastery, his influence in Jumilla and Murcia stands out, with his participation in various organizations and juries reflecting his commitment to the promotion and promotion of art in his community and beyond. His role as president of the Academy of Fine Arts of Elche and his commitment to teaching demonstrate his desire to share his knowledge and experience with future generations of artists.

However, his modesty and humility continue to be distinctive features of his personality that he transmits to his work. Despite his prominence in the art world, he remains accessible and relatable, making him a role model not only as an artist, but also as a human being.


Prophet in his land


The painter Saorin, recognized for his mastery in the watercolor technique, has left a significant mark on the art world. With works present in 33 museums and mentioned in more than 60 art catalogs and publications, its impact and reach are undeniable. His meticulous and orderly nature is reflected in his exhaustive resume, meticulously maintained and detailed, as well as his studio in Elche, which houses a library and archives documenting his extensive career. The mayor of Jumilla designated a palace as a museum with his name. However, it has faced temporary closures due to humidity problems since 2017. It has been named ambassador of Jumilla and Murcia, receiving countless trophies from authorities and presidents of the autonomous communities. With him the saying is not fulfilled: “No one is a prophet in his own land,” because he is.

In terms of style and technique, Saorin is known for his distinctive focus on capturing the essence of memory and the past in contrast to the present. His skill in watercolor has earned him recognition as a master of this particularly demanding technique. His art manifests itself as a reflection of raw realism, with details that carry a deep symbolic charge. From depicting cigarette butts to evoke the presence of hidden smokers to depicting old mattresses to illustrate progress in the quality of life, his work invites reflection on the evolution of society.

Through her visual representations, Saorin not only exposes tangible reality, but also invites the viewer to reflect on history and progress, underscoring the importance of preserving collective memory.


Style and work


If we say that Saorin paints old houses, then we have not understood his work. Saorin is known for his distinctive approach to painting, which focuses on capturing the essence of the past and its contrast with the present, using the watercolor technique. His work is characterized by its detailed and realistic depiction of everyday items, with a particular focus on objects and scenes that evoke memories and feelings from the past. His style is distinguished by technical skill in handling watercolor, demonstrating a remarkable mastery of this technique through his virtuoso and precise approach.

Through her paintings, Saorin conveys nostalgia and collective memory, offering a perspective that invites the viewer to reflect on the evolution of society and the appreciation of technological advances and progress in general. His depiction of everyday objects such as cigarette butts, old mattresses and other household items highlights the transition from the past to the present, underscoring the changes and improvements in the quality of life over time.

His focus on the representation of everyday life and its transformations over the decades reflects his deep commitment to the preservation of history and culture. Saorin invites the viewer to contemplate the deeper meaning behind each painted scene, thus encouraging a renewed appreciation of life and the constant evolution of society.

Ultimately, Jesús Lozano Saorin's work is not only a visual testament to his technical and artistic skill, but also a reflection of his deep connection to history and collective memory. Through his art, he invites us to reflect on the contrast between the past of deprivation and the present of comfort, offering a window into nostalgia and the evolution of society. His legacy will live on as a testament to his indomitable creative spirit and commitment to art and community.



 The exceptional watercolor painter Jesús Lozano Saorin can be very proud of leaving a mark on Spanish and Alicante painting, and his book is only an extract of his entire biography and work. We presented it at the Alicante Artists Association by Loles Guardiola and the author of this report.


                                Presentación del libro en el Centro de Arte el 27 de octubre de 2023