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domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

El surrealismo excelente y extremo de Vladimir Kush

 Obra de Vladimir Kush

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What Is Your Favorite Kush Artwork And Why?
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Here is my painting, Sunrise by the Ocean.. now available
at Kush Fine Art Galleries.
The egg symbolizes the rising sun and the beginning of life. In many myths about the creation of the world, a cosmic egg is laid by a giant bird in a formless, ancient ocean. The egg splits into two and the sky and earth appear from the halves of it, while the sun is seen in the yolk. You can see in the picture that the newborn sun still hasn't taken it's final shape yet. Shreds of primary matter continue to stream from the burning sphere rising over the ocean. According to Polynesian myth, the Hawaiian Islands where born from such an egg.